The Prophet, Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi was born a very healthy looking ruddy young boy in Igbara – Odo, Ekiti, Ekiti State in the 1950s. Some wise men saw the shining star.  His father Dennis Kumoluyi was really glad to notice the shining star. That was why he was christened Babatunde. Meaning” THE FATHER HAS COME BACK AGAIN”.

His father, Pa Dennis Kumoluyi is from Aro Chieftaincy Family in Igbara –Odo Ekiti. The prophet, however, grew up with his mother, late madam Abigail Kumoluyi in the Sapetu Chieftaincy Compound.

It was with his mother he developed the goal setter and go-getter attitude that has helped him in every facet of his life.   What a gracious and reliable mother! She took some of her dresses for sale in order to pay Julius Babatunde’s school fees until the completion of his Primary education at St. John’s Anglican Primary School, Igbara–Odo, Ekiti. This was from 1962-1968.

His father was a retired teacher. Both parents tried their possible best to send him to secondary school all to no avail. This was due to financial constraint.

His uncle, Lawrence Oluwafemi took him to Lagos in 1969 after his Primary school education to serve as house boy in order to raise funds to go to college. He; Pa Lawrence Oluwafemi lamented his financial incapacity to send him to a college which culminated into making to work as a house boy.

He then worked as a house boy in five places in Lagos before he could raise enough money to go to college. This was during the regime of Brigadier General Mobolaji Johnson as the then Military Governor of Lagos State. During that period, the Military governor announced that opportunity be given to students who want to go to evening school. This gave Prophet Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi the opportunity to enroll at Olowogbowo Comprehensive High School, Oke –Awo in Lagos Island. He went ahead to obtain a Diploma in Salesmanship from London School of Salesmanship through correspondence. After successful completion of the course, , he worked as a Sales Executive  with Anchor Products Ltd, Ikeja, Lagos.


As a cigarette and hemp smoking youth in Lagos Island, Prophet J.B. Kumoluyi was converted and washed by the blood of Jesus Christ and sanctified for the use of God in the ministry of Late Apostle T.O. Obadare at Adeniji Adele in Lagos Island in the year 1976.

As a new convert, Prophet Babatunde Kumoluyi attended baptismal class and was baptized in 1977 at Christ Apostolic Church, Adeniji Adele in Lagos Island.He served faithfully at Christ Apostolic Church, Adegboyega, Mushin as well as Christ Apostolic Church, (Oke-igbala) Ketu, Lagos. He was never an ordained minister of God in Christ Apostolic Church but served conscientiously in the following

Departments: Sunday school, Choir, Prayer warrior and ushery.



The anointing of the great intercessor came upon him when he received the call in 1986 at Christ Apostolic Church, Ikosi- Ketu. Prophet J.B Kumoluyi saw himself praying for people, This came repeatedly to completely confirm the call of God, he went to see Late (Dr) Prophet T.O Obadare who confirmed God’s calling to him but he refused which made him to lose two children. He later heeded and went to Ikoyi Mountain for 7 days marathon prayers and fasting where God instructed him to sew the garment of a Prophet, a bell, a staff and a Bible. At the mountain, God endowed him with the power of a Prophet for signs and wonders. The Prophet formally went to receive the blessings of his father’s in the faith who gave him the right hand of fellowship to go ahead with the great commission. Notable among them was Late Apostle T.O. Obadare

As a result of his passion for knowledge, He proceeded to Faith Bible College and Seminary in 1989-1982 where he obtained Certificate and Diploma in Biblical Studies on 3rd October, 1992.

Having proven his divine calling to the ministry of Gospel of Christ, and being dedicated to his calling according to the Word of God he further attended the World Evangelism Fellowship to obtain another Certificate of Ordination on the 25th of November 1992.

As a result of his relentless effort as a minister of Gospel, most especially in the area of soul-winning through Power Evangelism he was decorated with as Doctor of Divinity (D.D) on 18th March, 2002 in Open University Washington D.C, U.S.A. EPIC Theological Seminary and College. In the same year he proceeded in his education where he applied to International People’s College in Denmark, Europe.

He was also certified by Ministry Training Institute, Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia having completed the One-hundred-hour intensive Program. As a result of his dedication and commitment to evangelism, he was awarded a Doctorate degree by an American University.

Some of the most outstanding  social and political fathers in South West Nigeria, especially  Late MAMA H.I.D. Awolowo and Late Chief Oluwole Awolowo have written to commend the effectiveness in delivery and undiluted messages and television ministry of Prophet Dr. J.B Kumoluyi as it runs in Lagos Television, Ogun State Television as well as Muri International Television. The President of the Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria, also awarded Prophet Kumoluyi a life Membership Certificate of Praise Generation in 1999 in recognition of the gifts of God upon him as an outstanding musician who praises God with miracles, signs and wonders.


An award was given to Prophet J.B.Kumoluyi by Royal Line Promotions an NGO to National Drug Law Enforcement Agency due to his concern, commitment, courageous and eradication of drug abuse in our society and for creating a sustainable awareness in realizing a drug and crime free society through his undiluted word of God.


An award of excellence was given to (Dr) J.B.Kumoluyi by Nigerian Police Force (PCRC), Area “H” Command Lagos State in 2016 for his recognition of his selfless service to Humanity and upholding the Dignity of True Leadership in the nation.


In recognition of his investiture and invaluable support, he was awarded by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) with a certificate of Investiture in the year 2017, December 9th by Agboyi/Ketu local Govt. Chapter, Lagos State.

By the virtue of his calling he has ascended to Jerusalem, the Holy City where he was authorized to bear the title of Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP).

God had indeed used Prophet (Dr) Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi to organized city-wide crusades that had transformed people and places, Kings and their subjects in various parts of our nation, Nigeria.

The Prophet was also given an Award as one of the outstanding illustrious sons of Igbara Odo Kingdom. He was also chosen as the Adviser of Ekiti-parapo ministers’ fellowship

Consequent to his contributions in the expansion of the gospel of Christ, he was nominated as one of the leading 50 ministers of God in Nigeria in 1999. A group known as the All Media Merit Award for Excellence based in Abuja, Nigeria also singled out Prophet Kumoluyi as the Outstanding Soul Winning Pastors for the year 2000.

Prophet (Dr) J.B. Kumoluyi is the founder and General Overseer of The Word Bible Church (Worldwide) with branches in major countries like U.K, USA, Canada, e.t.c. He is also the Founder/President of The Word Bible College and Seminary as well as The Word Bible Church Deliverance. He is happily married to Prophetess Felicia Aina Kumoluyi with God fearing Children

Through the informal school of Ministries, hundreds of Prophets, evangelists and Pastors have been groomed under the tutelage of Prophet (Dr) Julius Babatunde Kumoluyi and they are prosperously expanding the gospel of Christ in Nigeria and all over the world which many people can testify to. The Word Bible College and Theological Seminary was established about Twenty years ago to produce formally educated and equipped human resources to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Word Bible School of Deliverance was also established years later to produce well groomed deliverance ministers for the body of Christ. The Prophet also established a standard Nursery and Primary School in Igbara-Odo Ekiti to combat the falling standard of education in Primary education sector.

The Lord had also helped the Prophet to establish a well funded Christian Department that produces quality Sunday school manuals that are in use by numerous churches in Nigeria and abroad. The Department also produces “The Word of The Spirit” daily devotional and other Spiritual books which are in circulation in various continents of the world.

The prophet is an untiring evangelist. He rarely misses his weekly and monthly programs in various parts of Nigeria as well as the quarterly programs in other continents of the world.

Today we have just celebrated Twenty Six years of an outstanding ministry of a Prophet where;

  • Thousands of sinners have been saved to become saints in the Kingdom of God.
  • Thousands across the globe have been healed in the rare prophetic encounter.
  • Countless number of waiting mothers had become fruitful women.
  • A lot of hopeless souls have been transformed as their productive life had been given a boost by prophetic counsel and are now being fulfilled in life.
  • Several broken homes have been restored.
  • Life changing books and tapes are still being reproduced to bless the body of Christ.
  • Millions across the globe are still waiting to know the mind of God concerning their situation.
  • Branches of The Word Bible Church have sprung up in different countries of the world and the prophet (Dr) J.B.Kumoluyi World outreach is in demand in various nations of the world.
  • Here is a man, who still tell God here I am, send me more: